Development Life skills

Development Life skills


Developing your Daily Living and Life Skills.

ABCare will work with you to develop goals, confidence and independence to feel empowered and get the most out of your life.
Some areas our support workers can help you to develop your skills include:

  • General life skills


Our support team can personally support you with developing confidence in completing general, day-to-day tasks. These could include examples such as shopping, traveling on public transport, housekeeping, and communicating with service providers.

Individual Life and Personal Skills Development

Under this heading, we can offer support, training, and development to help improve your interpersonal skills, regulate your emotions and develop strategies to help you manage potential future issues.

We can also provide help to your carers and family support network.

Numeracy, Literacy and Financial Management Skills Development

One of the most important life skills for independance is the ability to manage your own money.

Our team can help develop confidence in understanding money and budgeting, managing your own bank accounts and reading and understanding statements.

Developing Parent or Carer Life Skills

ABCare understands that being a parent or carer to your loved ones can be challenging. We don’t automatically have the personal tool kit required, and that is where we can work with you.

  • Some of the support we can offer includes training to develop skills to assist in personal care and better manage the day to day demands of the individuals requiring care. We can help develop the skills to support someone to transition out of the family home into an independent or group‐based living environment.

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