About us

We, the team at Above and Beyond Care Services, pride ourselves on our approach to caring for members of our community so they can achieve their goals and live an extraordinary life. Run by a team with decades of leadership and customer service experience, we specialise in offering personalised service and support with a bucket load of heart.


As your care is our priority, we ensure our carers also share our values, love what they do, and go above and beyond for you. We are committed to making your journey easy and enjoyable, and our investment in the right people and best technology platforms will continue to ensure this.



At ABCare, our mission is to inspire and initiate advocacy, projects, and partnerships that would ensure people with disabilities can thrive in an inclusive world that upholds their rights and needs. We are committed to being a source of empowerment and inspiration for every person with a disability to live the life he/she desires and attain great heights. We provide high-quality, innovative, and individualized services that uphold human rights and create equal opportunities for people with disabilities.


ABCare’s vision is to reinvent a better world for people with disabilities to have guaranteed access to social justice, equal rights, and opportunities. We aspire to enable an open and inclusive society that respects the rights and needs of people with disabilities.


At ABCare, we thrive on specific values that guide the care that we do.


In knowledge, there is freedom. We are helping people with disabilities grow on the knowledge needed to live freely and productively in an inclusive world.


Equality is the priority of ABCare. We are committed to helping people with disabilities have equal choice and respect.


At ABCare, we put in all efforts to empower people with disabilities. Through this empowerment, they can make quality decisions that would help them thrive.


We are passionate about care and compassion, which we express in our services.


For a proper perspective and better relationships, there is a need for empathy. We uphold the need for empathy in all that we do.


We understand the need for determination, focus, and strength, and we help people with disabilities to adopt these qualities in their journey to accomplish their dreams.